They call me Laly.
Chilean & Psychologyst.
I need MUSIC to live! ♫
Love the british and swedish music. Music from New York is a must. The Strokes changed my life.
Books, especially love novels. Movies.
Writer and daydreamer all the time.
Football lover -> Manchester United + AC Milan + Borussia Dortmund supporter! My guilty pleasure is admire too many players who never will play or played in my teams.
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ENTJ Confessions #50


"I have a very mischievous sense of humor. I often use it around my family and close friends, and while they may not be able to understand it sometimes, it is merely my own method of expressing my appreciation for them. Sometimes, I may go overboard with my humor and my younger sibling expresses their annoyance and tell me that the things I joke about can be hurtful. At this point, I may withdraw and apologize. But after a while, the mood comes back. And voila, the cycle starts again."